unclaimed property nebraskaIf you’re trying to make a report for unclaimed property Nebraska, you need to know the latest reporting method for holders looking to enter and claim property information on the Nebraska State Treasurer’s website. Why? Well in 2016, More than $16 million was returned by the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office to owners who tried to claim unclaimed property for the year 2016. This is actually Nebraska’s largest amount returned in one year to date, according to the state treasurer. And while the largest claim was for a value of over 1 million dollars, the smallest was not quite 1 thousand dollars…still not a shabby amount of money to collect!

Perhaps this huge surge in such a large claim of property is due to the additional research staff hired to the Unclaimed Property team. The additional research staff helped dedicate time to seeking out owners of larger properties, leaving the rest of the team to concentrate on claims filed through the State Treasurer’s website or through outreach efforts.

Currently, the State Treasurer’s office is holding over $170 million in unclaimed funds and properties.

But there is also now a difference in how one reports unclaimed properties in the state. While in the past, people looking to claim property in Nebraska had to use HRS Pro or UPExchange to create a report, there is now another preferred way for people to report on property. And in fact, while people can still use those two programs to create a report, the Nebraska State Treasurer will not provide support if an individual chooses to use these two previously used reporting programs.
Note: UPExchange now charges a fee to use its services.

Unclaimed Property Search for Nebraska Unclaimed Property

To make the reporting process easy for people reporting on Nebraska unclaimed property, the Nebraska State Treasurer now allows you to report on their website in order to make your unclaimed property search much easier.

  • Holders can now make profiles, upload documents and submit reports all on the site
  • Holders can use an Excel document to upload records, or manually enter information
  • Holders can easily edit or delete a property until a report is submitted
  • Holders have individual profiles as references for all of their properties

By doing this, the Nebraska State Treasurer’s office has made it easier for people to create and submit reports without having to use a third-party program.

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Unclaimed Property Nebraska: The Latest Reporting Method

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